Total Workforce Compliance, right from your desktop

Onboard, verify and monitor your workers easily with the Cited digital platform

Your end-to-end Workforce Compliance Solution

Cited is a cloud-based digital platform that makes it simple to onboard and monitor your direct workforce, contractors, and suppliers to achieve total workforce compliance.

Onboard new workers faster
Achieve faster onboarding and deployment of new and existing workers

Reduce Costs
Increase efficiency and reduce administrative overhead

Portable Worker Documentation
Eliminate redundant & repeated worker checks

Automated Document Collection
Cited proactively collects certifications and updates from workers

Contractor & Supplier Management
Easily enforce and record contractor workforce certifications


True end-to-end workforce compliance

Cited delivers real-time verification and compliance of your workforce through the entire employment lifecycle across every location, project, and role.

Ultra-fast Worker Onboarding

Compliance tracked and updated in real-time

Flexible and powerful configuration

Systems that grow with your organisation

Full range of workforce verification checks

Privacy and security guaranteed

Specialising in making your job easier

Wondering if Cited can help you in your role? Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy with Cited:

Risk & Compliance Managers
Gain instant visibility of your entire company’s compliance status right from your desktop, regardless of where your worksites are located or the number of staff you’re watching. Cited generates all the reporting and evidence you need to stay on top of risk issues before they even occur, and gives you the power to investigate any past incidents immediately.

Site Managers
Cited gives you 100% certainty that existing and new workers on your site have the training and credentials they need, and that they’ve completed all inductions and safety checks required, every single day.

Health & Safety Officers
Enjoy a step-change in workforce compliance visibility as soon as you implement the Cited platform. Any workers who don’t meet safety requirements will stand out immediately, giving you the confidence that your workforce is consistently meeting your safety standards at all times.

Training Managers
Any training that can be delivered electronically, can be delivered via the Cited platform. Workers can complete online learning straight from their device, and you’ll be notified when training is complete or outstanding. Remote learning just got quicker and easier.

The risk of large fines, penalties and even incarceration looms larger than ever when it comes to mining compliance. Cited not only prevents compliance breaches, but is also invaluable when investigating incidents and accidents, showing you every move made by staff and workers.

Onboard contractors & vendor workforces quickly and easily onto the Cited Platform. Effortlessly share role, location or project requirements with contracting companies, while monitoring workforce compliance in real time.

Regardless of which area of mining you’re working in, the Cited platform benefits the entire organization by being a vigilant (but user friendly) watchdog over your operations, saving you time, money and frustration.   

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