The key people behind Cited

Petra has over 20 years’ experience in labour resourcing and management on behalf of energy and natural resources companies. Petra is responsible for management of operations, governance and financial performance, identification of strategic opportunities for industry engagement, management of key client relationships, and co-development of corporate strategy.

Petra has overseen the massive growth of Bright and more recently the launch of the new generation product Cited. Cited has experienced huge growth, with 300 organisations joining and trebling revenue in 6 months.

Petra was a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year program in 2016 and is a judge for Australia Post’s 2017 Regional Pitchfest.

When not watching her daughters’ hockey and netball games, Petra and her husband escape to their block in the Perth hills where she enjoys the good life and uses her green fingers to harvest lots of veggies and raise heritage-breed hens.

Commencing his career with KPMG, Declan has more than 20 years’ experience in human resources and technology-related business management, Declan is responsible for identification and development of strategic opportunities, oversight and management of financial controls, co-development of corporate strategy, and oversight and development of research and development activities.

Declan has pioneered innovation in workforce technology applications for such companies as Woodside and BHP, where his solutions have slashed metrics relating to time to hire, non-compliance and mobilisation times.

Declan has mentored KPMG’s Energise program for emerging entrepreneurs in 2015 & 16.

When not in the office, Declan likes to go sailing on the Swan River whenever he can and spends many weekends with his wife supporting their children at rowing regattas.