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Cited specialises in making your job easier
Retail Workers
Upload your credentials and complete any training right from your device, avoiding delays (and financial stress) between jobs. Our helpful automatic alerts also mean your credentials will be renewed before they lapse.
Facility Managers
Cited gives you 100% certainty that every work on your site has the training and credentials they need, and that they’ve completed all inductions and safety checks required, every single day.
Health & Safety Officers
Enjoy a step-change in workforce compliance visibility as soon as you implement the Cited platform. Any workers who don’t meet safety requirements will stand out immediately, giving you the confidence that your workforce is consistently meeting your safety standards at all times.
Training Managers
Any training that can be delivered electronically, can be delivered via the Cited platform. Workers can complete online learning straight from their device, and you’ll be notified when training is complete or outstanding.
Gain instant visibility of your entire compliance status right from your desktop regardless of where your sites are located or the number of staff you’re tracking. Cited generates all the reporting and evidence you need to stay on top of risk issues before they even occur.
Vendors & Supply Chain

Onboard vendor workforces or quickly and easily onto the Cited Platform. Effortlessly share role, location or project requirements with contracting companies, while monitoring workforce compliance in real time.

"For the first time ever, you're able to access certainty on demand for your workforce compliance needs"
Cited makes retail compliance easier

A single source of truth updated in real-time

Give everyone from supervisors to head office instant visibility of your entire compliance status. See centralised information on your desktop or get live updates on site from a tablet or mobile device, regardless of where your sites are located or the number of staff you’re tracking.


Say hello to a new way of managing workforce compliance

Until now, ensuring your workforce has all the necessary credentials has required constant checks, unpredictable costs and a never ending battle with administrative complexity.

With our new monitoring service and flat fee structure, everything has changed.

No matter what regulated industry you work in to manage compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Rapid Mobilisations
Reduce Costs
Portable Worker Documentation
Automated Document Collection
Contractor & Supplier Management
EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR retail workforce compliance - AND MORE

It's time to say goodbye to compliance complexity

Say goodbye to manual data entry
Each worker can easily supply their information via their mobile device. Your admin team can also access and update their information if needed.
Your single source of truth
All your worker’s information is held centrally and updated in real-time. No more duplicated, outdated documentation – just 100% trustworthy verified data 24/7.
Integrate easily
Connect Cited to your other management systems via our simple API so you can share data and avoid manual data handling.
Automatic Verification
Your workers’ documentation is verified with our expert team and the issuing provider via direct data feeds as soon as it’s uploaded into Cited.
Support for every single user
Define requirements based on role, location, or other criteria. Easily apply and forecast the effects of changes.
Easy to understand dashboard

See compliance statuses at a glance for every worker or any requirement. Simple visual alerts highlight compliance gaps or non-compliant workers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cited is the only all-in-one solution that gives you sophisticated compliance management and engages your workforce to proactively manage their own credentials (via the OnCite app).

Yes. Regardless of where your workforce is located, Cited gives you a real-time picture of their compliance status. Our user friendly mobile app makes it easy for your workers to update or view their credentials 24/7.

Cited was designed from the outset to make compliance and worker management simple across multiple locations or work sites.

Cited has a rich API (programming interface) that you can use to connect to any of your existing systems. 

Cited’s licensing model includes all platform features and verification of your workers’ credentials under one simple monthly fee. 

Of course! We’re workforce compliance management experts, and we’re here to help. Just fill in the contact form below or call us directly to find out how Cited can make compliance simpler and more effective for you. 

Naturally this depends on the size of your project. We’ve got experience in compliance management with both small and large projects, so we can get you up and running quickly. 

Cited is certified under our ISO 27001 information security accreditation. This means we have satisfied independent experts that our information security and privacy practices and policies meet or exceed the international standards. 

Find out how Cited makes end-to-end compliance management simple.

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