Workforce compliance is essential to protect the needs of older Australians

There are many horror stories in the media about shocking neglect and abuse of elderly and frail residents in some Australian aged care facilities, often perpetrated by untrained or poorly trained staff.

One platform to manage workforce compliance

Cited automates the creation, gathering and maintenance of required proof at work. It leverages the most contemporary technologies and services available to ensure that the proof your organisation needs is truthful.

For example, Cited helps with:

Employee checks + Company requirements/documents + Licence storage & renewals = Full Compliant Organisation

How does Cited work?

As an organisation:

  • Decide the proof you need. It can be simple (‘I just want a police check’) or complex (multiple requirements)
  • Invite people to submit the proof (send an email, post a link) or complete the request on their behalf
  • If required, Cited will verify the proof
  • Cited will monitor the proof and communicate with the individual to update it when required

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  1. Real-time tracking
  2. Expiry alerts
  3. Unique sharing capabilites

Why choose us?

  1. 17 years’ experience
  2. ACIC accredited
  3. Local support team