Experts in verified information

We’ve specialised in the collection and verification of information and personal identity for over 15 years. We provide streamlined connectivity to a wide range of authoritative sources, both regional and global.

Compliance support

The Cited Workforce Compliance Platform makes it simple to request documents from your distributed workforce. 

  • Choose whether to verify the information provided 
  • Secure document collection from workers wherever they are
  • Wide range of expert and experienced verifications available within the platform.

Cited offers a full range of fast, affordable, and easy credentials and identity checks, with Australia based support.

You have the option of manually selecting which of your worker’s credentials are checked, or automatically checking every credential your employee submits via their mobile device. All under Cited’s low, flat monthly fee, regardless of the number of checks you order.

Find out how Cited makes end-to-end workforce compliance simple.

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