How the OnCite Skills Passport Works

Workers connect through their
skills passport from any location
Credentials and their status are
shown and updated live
Individuals choose which documents they share with each employer
"Helps your workforce stay on top of the status of their credentials. The app sends alerts to workers about upcoming expiry and prompts them to maintain compliance. "

Put document control
in your workers' hands

Prompt document collection. Stop chasing credentials.

The OnCite skills passport makes it easy for your workers to know which documents are required and makes it simple for them to provide those documents to you – securely and correctly.

That means you’ll spend less time chasing the documents you need for worker onboarding, licensing and credentials verifications, attestations, or company forms. Free your time to focus on the tasks that add value and deliver business outcomes. 

In app alerts on their device, in their pocket

Notifications through the OnCite skills passport appear instantly and are responded to faster than emails without the burden of follow-up phone calls. 

OnCite sends its messages to your workers using their preferred method of communication and makes it easier for them to respond – which means your document chasing days are over. 


Benefits of the OnCite mobile worker passport

Say goodbye to manual data entry

Each worker can easily supply their information via their skills passport. Your admin team can also access and update their information if needed.

A central source of truth for your organisation

Information for each worker is held centrally and updated in real-time. No more duplicated, outdated documentation – just 100% trustworthy verified data 24/7.

Automatic renewal and expiry notification

OnCite works together with Cited to automatically anticipate and address credentials expiry in advance so you and your workers are always compliant.

Verification of credentials at the source

Your workers’ documentation is verified with our expert team and the issuing provider via direct data feeds as soon as documents are uploaded into Cited.

Support for your mobile workforce

OnCite is a native mobile app, which means your workforce can access and update documents through their skills passport, and manage their information, wherever they are on their preferred mobile device.

Easy to understand dashboard

OnCite integrates directly with the Cited platform so that all of your workers’ documentation and compliance status is always up to date and visible in your Cited dashboard.

What our Customers Say

Convenient and very prompt result!

Awesome customer service, easy to navigate, I would highly recommend this to anyone needing police check, the result was very quick and payment was via employer set up
Noel M.
Very quick process and easy to get help when needed.

It took less time than any I've used previously and I could do it all from home which was convenient.
I would recommend the service to any one in need of a police check, it's fast, affordable & easy to follow instructions.

The layout is self explanatory & did not take a long time to do.
This took one day, amazing service, fast and affordable for my employer.

Easy to use and a logical format with sequencing so that you get to the result and can chat if there are any changes or more information required.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Together with Cited, OnCite skills passport is the only all-in-one solution that gives you sophisticated compliance monitoring and engages your workforce to proactively manage their own credentials.

Yes. Regardless of where your workforce is located, OnCite gives you a real-time picture of their compliance status with Cited. Our user friendly mobile app makes it easy for your workers to update or view their credentials 24/7.

Cited and the OnCite skills passport were designed to make compliance and worker management simple across multiple locations and work sites.

Cited and the OnCite work passport have a rich API (programming interface) that you can use to connect to any of your existing systems. 

The OnCite skills passport is free to use and install on both Apple and Android devices.

Of course! We’re workforce compliance experts and we’re here to help. Just fill in the contact form below or call us directly on (08) 6466 3194 to find out how the OnCite skills passport can make compliance simpler and more effective for every worker. 

Your workers can install the OnCite skills passport in a few seconds. From there, it’s simple to connect to their existing Cited account or create a new account.

Cited and the OnCite skills passport are certified under our ISO 27001 information security accreditation. This means we have satisfied independent experts that our information security and privacy practices and policies meet or exceed the international standards. 

Find out how Cited makes end-to-end compliance management simple.

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