Competency management and compliance checks for your specific needs

With over 20 years of dealing with large enterprise workforce compliance, we know that your competency management system and compliance policy requirements are as unique as your company.

That’s why we created competency and compliance management system software that adapts to your organisation, whether in mining & resources, healthcare, construction, retail, or manufacturing.

Cited is a cloud-based digital platform that makes it simple to meet the competency management and compliance needs of your direct workforce, contractors, and suppliers through regulatory reporting automation. Our software will help you to ensure all credentials and documentation are verified and easily accessible through our competency management system, on any device, at any time – from the onboarding checklist and beyond.

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Your compliance software, your way

You can customise Cited’s compliance technology to suit your specific compliance and competency management policies.

You’ll receive real-time updates and insights about your total compliance status as Cited’s software runs in the background to satisfy your regulatory reporting needs.

Importantly, Cited is incredibly easy to use, by anyone in your company. You won’t believe how simple Cited’s induction and compliance checking tool makes online compliance checks (you have to see it for yourself).

Cited specialises in making your job easier

Workers & Contractors

Cited’s compliance management and regulatory reporting software enables you to upload your credentials and complete any training right from your device, avoiding delays (and financial stress) between jobs. Our helpful automatic alerts also mean your staff will never let their credentials lapse again.

Quality & Risk Managers

Our software provides instant visibility of your entire compliance status right from your desktop regardless of where your sites are located in Australia or the number of staff you’re tracking. Cited uses regulatory reporting automation to generate all the evidence you need to stay on top of governance risk and compliance before issues occur.

Health & Safety Officers

Enjoy a step-change in competency management and compliance check visibility as soon as you implement Cited’s compliance technology. Any workers who don’t meet safety requirements will stand out immediately in the system, giving you the confidence that your workforce is consistently following your compliance policies at all times.

Training Managers

Any training that can be delivered electronically, can be delivered through Cited’s regulatory reporting service. Workers can complete online learning, such as the onboarding process, straight from their device, and you’ll be notified when training is complete or outstanding.


View all your compliance checks straight from your desktop, no matter the location of your sites or number of staff you’re tracking. Cited’s service generates all the regulatory reporting and evidence you need for governance risk and compliance.

Facility Managers

Cited gives you 100% certainty that existing and new workers on your site have the training and credentials they need, and that they’ve completed all onboarding checks and processes, every single day.

"For the first time ever, you're able to access certainty on demand for your compliance check needs"

Find out how Cited makes end-to-end compliance management simple.

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