Why HR people working in aged care and disability services deserve a big break

2018 has been a huge year for NDIS providers, especially if you work in human resources, recruitment or health and safety.

As one of the leading providers in Australia of police checks and workforce compliance for organisations working in health and community care, we wanted to show our appreciation for people working in this space across Australia.

If you work in HR and are in charge of managing recruitment, compliance or safety for the people in your team, get ready to put your feet up (even if it is just a quick break).

You deserve it! Here’s 5 reasons why…

1. Recruiting new people to meet market demands has never been more challenging

A recent article on Community Care Review reveals that despite an increasing number of approved providers, the sector is experiencing an ongoing shortage of aged care workers, with a decrease in the proportion of the direct home care workforce who are registered or enrolled nurses and a decrease in the proportion of non-direct care workers who are care managers/coordinators.

That was a mouthful – but what it really means is there are less skilled people available, which means filling vacancies has been a challenge. 

Had a tough year trying to find carers, nurses and managers when you need them?

We know it’s not easy out there!

2. Managing your obligations for screening and compliance makes this harder

Not only do you have a challenge to fill vacancies, you’ve had to deal with much stricter guidelines for employee screening as part of the NDIS quality and safeguarding framework.

For Cited clients, we know we’ve made things a lot easier with our compliance software for NDIS providers, but for others this can be a nightmare.

Every organisations approach to safeguarding is unique, but regardless of your policies, we know this can be stressful and an extra burden on your weekly task list.

When you’re managing Reference Checks, National Police Checks and other compliance steps as part of on-boarding new team members, the recruitment process becomes more complicated and demanding.

3. Keeping quality people once you find them is also a problem

So you’ve spent the year sourcing new people, screening new people and now we’re up to your third big challenge… Keeping them!

The health and community care industry is know for a high turnover of staff, which only multiplies the stress and demand of the first two things we’ve mentioned.

Does it get any easier?

4. A rapidly growing demand for your support

While we’re on the topic of stress multipliers, let’s consider the constant increase in the number of people in your area that demand the attention, support and care of your team.

If managing the recruitment, screening and retention of good carers, nurses and managers wasn’t already enough…

When you add an ever growing list of people that need your care, it’s no wonder people are counting the days left in the year!

5. Let’s throw a Royal Commission in the mix

This doesn’t affect everyone, and may not be relevant to your role directly, but it’s hard to ignore the impact of the Royal Commission on the industry – especially those lovely stories the media has been sharing.

If you think the finance industry was dragged through the mud, it’s hard to imagine the outcomes of the coming investigation for 

We’re starting to feel tired just reading through this article.

We can’t imagine how hard it must be working full time in this space!

In summary…

You work so hard in your role to manage all of the issues we’ve raised above.

You deserve to unwind, take a break and put your feet up.

It’s that time of year when everyone around you is starting to relax, unwind, escape on family holidays and take a break from their working life.

We celebrate all of the hard work you’ve done this year, and thought you deserved not only a break, but some recognition for your efforts.


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