Why Cited?

Ok – we would like to stretch your thinking here and go BIG PICTURE, because that’s our ambition for Cited and the positive impact we can have on people and business.

Fundamentally we believe that software should reflect real life and in real life, people are unique.

But that’s not how software generally works.  Organisations spend a lot of time and money collecting information about people and entering it into lots of different systems.  They might check the information and add to it then if a person leaves that organisation and joins a new one, the process starts again.

At Cited we believe that it is cheaper, quicker and safer for organisations to work with a single source of truth about an Individual – rather than waste both parties’ time recreating it.

So, what does this look like in the real world? 

Jenny works in the Health industry as a Care Worker.  Her new employer asks her, via Cited, to get a Police Check, provide copies of her Driver’s Licence and Working with Children card and sign a Confidentiality Agreement.  In doing so, Jenny creates her Cited profile and consents to sharing the information with her Employer. 

In her spare time, Jenny volunteers at a Children’s Charity which requires evidence of a valid Working with Children card and her Driver’s Licence.  Instead of filling in new forms for the Charity, Jenny can use her Cited account and consent for them to access the relevant information on her Profile.  Later that year, Jenny renews her Driver’s Licence and, in one action, both Organisations have access to the new information.

This is just one example, but every day we are surprised how our customers use Cited; No forms. No data entry. No administrative overhead and cost. Just the truth.

Cited benefits

  1. Super-fast turnaround of checks and information gathering
  2. Super low cost to Individuals and Organisations
  3. Easy to Use and customise to your business
  4. Supported by an Australian based team
  5. Accredited by ACIC and DVS

Log in and have look around.