Why Cited?

Considering Cited for your Personal or Business needs? 

Here is why we think you should generally consider us for you or your companies needs:

  1. Although we can’t control the ACIC turnaround times for National Police Checks, we work hard to get your check back to you as fast as possible.
  2. We bring you the lowest cost checks and services available in the market – and we discount for volume customers.
  3. We are Government accredited.
  4. Our customer service team are here in Australia, as is our Verification team. Your data stays here.
  5. We are an Australian owned company serving you. Profits stay here and we reinvest heavily in our products and people.
  6. Our company has been operating in this domain for nearly 20 years and companies like BHP have been our customer for 18 years. We are very experienced in managing and verifying information.
  7. Security of your information is extremely important to us and we use the highest technical standards to protect our customers.

If you are a business here is why we think we are a good choice:

  1. Extensive features for the Corporate customer – here a few, but not all, features:

    a. Progress tracking
    b. Payment options
    c. Cost codes
    d. Auto alerts
    e. Compliance Matrix
    f. Pre-populated fields

  2. 1000’s of checks.
  3. You can customise to collect your own information with or without verification.
  4. Advanced features to manage your Suppliers & their workforces e.g. ensuring your Electricians are Insured & Licenced.
  5. Public API available to integrate with your systems (ask us for our documentation).
  6. We have a unique sharing model such that if a person has been verified with someone else and their information is valid – you get it for free.
  7. Our systems work well if you are a very small company – and we serve some of the largest companies in Australia. We easily scale to your business.
  8. Experienced with Government and sensitive organisations.

If you are a business and you have more questions – complete our Contact form and one of our people will contact you.

Why Cited?

Local Support

Our support team have years of experience and can help you with any questions. They are local and friendly.

Instant Updates

You want your check results as fast as possible and to help you we provide up to the minute notifications on the status of your results.

Comprehensive ID options

Identification is a critical part of obtaining a police check so we provide a comprehensive set of options to help you.

Secure & Encrypted

Cited is the most secure online way to process your online police check with encrypted data and constant security monitoring to protect you.

Trusted Technology

Some of the largest companies in Australia use our technology and trust us to meet the highest standards.

Accredited Services

We are accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission which means we we are subject to their regular data audits.