The resources sector workforce 2007-2017

Bright People Technologies have mobilised over 500,000 individuals via its software platforms.

During that time, it gathered records relating to:

  • Location
  • 1.6 million Training & Inductions
  • 2.2 million qualifications
  • Positions
  • 457’s
  • Promotions & reclassifications
  • Gender

From that data, here are some fun facts from the boom and beyond:

1. The WA resources boom demand was met by workers from WA, followed by Qld

2. One company was overwhelmingly successful in encouraging Apprentice engagement on its projects.

3. About 9% of the total boom workforce was female.

4. In 2005 < 2% of the workforce was under 30. In 2017 26% was under 30.

5. Think things have gone quiet? The number of people mobilised has fallen to around 2009 levels.

6. Overwhelmingly, 457’s were used to bring in Engineers to service the boom.

7. Individuals generally prefer to stay at a location but will more willingly move Contractors.

8. On average a person enters the resources sector with 3.2 qualifications. For every year thereafter they gain 0.6 qualifications.

9. One person had to complete 156 Training and Induction sessions over the course of the boom.

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