Proactive HR Projects that can help you advance your career. – PART 1

Climbing the career ladder of HR, especially in large organisations, is a tricky business but 2 things will help you immensely; Proactivity and Politics.

(Gasp – POLITICS?!) More on that in Part 2…

So, let’s look at Proactivity.

Managers love… no LOVE people who don’t bring the problem to them, but who bring the problem, the solution and in the best instances, the outcomes.

But finding the right vehicle can be tricky.

So what projects in HR can you undertake that will garner notice from those who can facilitate your career progression.

1. Information

Managers need to make a lot of decisions and easy access to information makes their life easier – delivering that will make them very grateful.

Project suggestion
Build a business dashboard using Power BI. It doesn’t matter if you are in a generalist or specific area of HR – get familiar with Power BI and build a relevant dashboard for Managers (NOTE not just yours, but others who are impacted by your activities) so they can keep abreast of what is going on.

2. Cost optimisation

Managers need to prove to their bosses the efficacy of a dollar spent – help them do that. Note I said optimisation not reduction.

Project suggestion 
Review all HR software licences and ascertain if there are opportunities for renegotiation or improved services.

3. Reduce Risk

Every organisation with employees operates with Risk. With increased Director’s Liability, the consequences of poorly managed risk are increasing.

Project suggestion 
Write or review a risk policy e.g. a Code of Conduct. Ensuring that you specifically identify and mitigate areas of risk in that policy.

4. Step outside HR

What business are you in? Aged Care? Mining? Make sure you understand the business issues and look at how you can directly contribute.

Project Suggestion
Identify an Operational issue in your business and source a Consultant domain expert. Put together a cost schedule to access that expertise and present it to the business.

5. Be the Lead

Digital is a major buzzword for all business areas but specifically for HR. It is crucial that you are not just up to date but are the, “Go to” person for people asking questions.

Project suggestion 
Do a market review of HR digital solutions specific to your business or simply emerging tech that may be relevant. Present it to the business and identify its relevance and business opportunity. This project is not about acquiring and implementing the technology – its about ensuring you are aware of the opportunities.

These are generic projects designed to be thought catalysts – only you will know what will work in your domain.

We would love to hear about your experiences! Share them in the comments below.

Part 2 of this series is all about Politics. Its not an ugly word but is a concept that everyone, women in particular, should get comfortable and familiar with.