Take your induction system online with ease

Induction systems don’t have to be complex. With Cited’s onboarding software, it’s simple to take your induction system online. Our platform is here to help you save time, while ensuring compliance across your entire workforce.
There's a simpler and more efficient solution
  • Eliminate complications
  • Replace fragile spreadsheets
  • Shelve the paperwork
Quicker onboarding process

Get your new hires productive as quickly as possible by simplifying your onboarding process using a Cited onboarding eLearning check through our online induction software.

Effortless online induction systems

Stay informed at a glance. Cited’s onboarding software has a centralised dashboard for streamlined online induction systems. Automatically notify your staff to update their information.

Full ongoing user support

Our support team are available by phone and chat to support all your users and candidates with our onboarding software using their Cited eLearning tool or app.

Simplify the onboarding process

Get your people up to speed and deployed faster

Powerful compliance combinations

Cited’s onboarding software makes it simple to plan and collect certification requirements no matter which combination of role, location, or project applies to each of your workers. You have complete flexibility to plan your onboarding documentation.

Customisable templates

You can easily use your existing documents within Cited’s onboarding software. Enjoy all the benefits of automated and distributed online induction systems to streamline your onboarding process with fewer changes to how you and your teams work.

Automated configurable notifications

Cited’s automated notifications instantly alert you to updates when compliance statuses change or if there are actions that you and your team need to address. You get proactive visibility of all of your onboarding processes across your entire workforce so that you are in control.

Automatic Verification

If you need verification of documents to satisfy your compliance needs, it’s simple to add checking of your workers’ documentation by our verification experts. Cited’s expert verification teams go to work immediately to deliver verification results within the compliance dashboard.

Support for every single user
Cited works across all devices so that each worker can easily supply their information via their mobile device. Your admin team can also access and update their information wherever they are or check on documents when working remotely.
Easy to understand dashboard

The compliance dashboard makes it simple to see the status of each worker you’re onboarding so you can get your team deployed as quickly as possible. The user-friendly display highlights items for action, which means that you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Successful onboarding in 4 easy steps

With Cited’s induction software, you’ll have full control over your onboarding and ongoing compliance processes.

Share check requests
You can share check requests directly from the Cited app or host a link on your website. This works with either checks or onboarding requirements.
Respond from any device

Candidates and employees can respond through Cited’s onboarding software on any device from anywhere, which means faster turnaround.

Review with ease

Cited’s document collection is fully automated so you can access everything you need right from your dashboard.

Renew compliance
Cited’s staff and workforce compliance system is designed so that your people can easily renew and maintain their compliance status with your requirements.

Simpler online induction software

Background and onboarding checks
  • National Police Checks
  • Licences 
  • Qualifications
Documents and agreements
  • Health and safety policies
  • Confidentiality policies
  • Working from home policy agreements
e-learning completion and renewal
  • Induction videos or courses can be configured into your Cited onboarding software

You take care of business. Let us take care of the rest.

Full support for your:
  • Candidates
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
In app help and guidance
  • Knowledge base
  • User guides
  • Chat
  • Email and phone
Verification Services
  • Independent verification of licences and tickets
  • Custom verification requirements available

What our customers say

Convenient and very prompt result!

Awesome customer service, easy to navigate, I would highly recommend this to anyone needing police check, the result was very quick and payment was via employer set up
Noel M.
Very quick process and easy to get help when needed.

It took less time than any I've used previously and I could do it all from home which was convenient.
I would recommend the service to any one in need of a police check, it's fast, affordable & easy to follow instructions.

The layout is self explanatory & did not take a long time to do.
This took one day, amazing service, fast and affordable for my employer.

Easy to use and a logical format with sequencing so that you get to the result and can chat if there are any changes or more information required.

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