NDIS Client Spotlight – Castellorizian Aged Care Services

If you are familiar with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), then you may be familiar with the requirements for employee screening and organising police checks.

The team at Castellorizian Aged Care Services in Kensington, NSW have changed the way they managing compliance with Cited.

A few years ago, they would manually collect peoples certifications that they obtain and provide, which was time consuming and created some difficulties in centralising all their records.

“We are in a very controlled industry – Cited makes a major difference in the way we manage compliance.”  Castellorizian Aged Care commented…

“Cited has made such a big change to our business in terms of compliance – I can see within minutes whether someone is suitable for hire, and when we are being reviewed for our accreditation I can show that I’m tracking compliance and can demonstrate this easily.”

“Cited gives us control & speeds up our process”

If your business is a service provider registered as part of the NDIS, consider how Cited could help streamline your compliance and the organisation of your employee screening and checks.

You can sign up for a free account here, and we’ve also prepared a free guide that explains how Cited can save you time and money as an NDIS provider.

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