Key dates to ensure compliance with Covid-19 mandates

Feeling overwhelmed by the administrative burden created by mandatory vaccine certificate checks? It doesn’t need to be difficult.

With Cited’s new Covid-19 Immunisation History Statement feature, we make it easy for employers to comply with vaccination reporting whether you have 10 or 10,000 staff.

What are employers required to do?

Requirements differ slightly by state, but in general, employers need to:

  • Sight proof of vaccination (a digital or printed certificate) for staff on or before the date specified in the relevant public health direction,
  • Keep a record of the vaccination or exemption status (coupled with the date of expiry) of employees.
  • Compile a report of the number of staff that are vaccinated/exempt and non-compliant.

What happens if employers are non-compliant?

Organisations face steep fines for failing to comply with public health emergency directions. In the ACT, for example, the maximum fine that can be issued for non-compliance is $40,500 for an organisation.

Public health compliance breaches during a global pandemic generate significant interest and backlash, which means that organisations also risk brand damage if they are found to be non-compliant during this critical period.

Be prepared for future events

These requirements will stay in place until the direction is repealed or the public health emergency ends. However, having a vaccination verification capability in place will provide organisations with peace of mind in the event of possible future public health emergencies after Covid-19.

Mandatory vaccination deadlines

Mandatory vaccination dates differ by sector and by state. Employers should stay informed of the rapidly-evolving public health directions, and be aware that your organisation could potentially be audited by health authorities at any time after the relevant deadline.

Second dose (fully vaccinated) deadlines by state and sector

StateSector2nd Dose DeadlineMore information
ACTAged Care1 December 2021ACT vaccine mandate
Education and Child Care29 November 2021
Healthcare1 December 2021
Disability Services13 December 2021
VICAged Care15 November 2021VIC vaccine mandates
Education and Child Care29 November 2021
Healthcare15 October 2021
Construction26 November 2021
Authorised Workers (all workers who leave home for their jobs)26 November 2021
NSWAged Care4 December 2021NSW vaccine mandates
Education and Child Care8 November 2021
Healthcare30 November 2021
Disability Services4 December 2021
Airport Staff1 November 2021
QLDNon-essential Leisure Workers17 December 2021QLD vaccine mandates

High-risk Sectors including Healthcare15 December 2021
Education and Correctional Facilities23 January 2022
TASAged Care17 September 2021TAS vaccine mandates

Disability Support21 November 2021
Healthcare31 October 2021
WAHigh-risk (see website)15 October 2021 to 1 January 2022WA vaccine mandates
Critical Industries and Occupations (see website)31 January 2022
NTEducation, Customer-facing Roles, Disability Services, Aboriginal Services24 December 2021NT vaccine mandates

Healthcare, high-risk setting24 December 2021
Essential Infrastructure, Logistics24 December 2021
SAEducation and Child Care10 December 2021 (first dose)SA vaccine mandates
Healthcare1 November 2021 to 6 December 2021, depending on setting (first dose)
Aged Care17 September 2021 (first dose)

Workforce vaccination compliance made easy

We understand the vaccine mandates can be a headache for any size business, and are likely to become more complex as booster programs are rolled out across Australia. Cited ensures your workforce meets standards easily and at all times. Our COVID-19 vaccination verification software enables you to:

  • Request workforce vaccination records
  • Monitor responses and compliance
  • Automate the management of this requirement
  • Request renewals.