Enable ERMS is owned by Bright People Technologies (Bright) and has been used in the mining and construction environment for over 18 years as a platform to manage the compliance, mobilisation, travel and accommodation of individuals working at or visiting remote locations.

If your information was submitted into Enable ERMS (for example by your employer) you can now easily access your information as a downloadable report via Bright’s new software called Cited.

Bright have enabled the provision of a downloadable report at a fixed cost of $38.50 to improve access to the information it holds.

What do I need to access this report?

  1. Identity document (e.g.driver’s licence).
  2. Photograph of yourself.
  3. Details of your current and previous addresses.

Access your report here.


Who is Cited?

Bright owns both the Enable ERMS software and the Cited software. Cited has been built with the individual in mind and promotes the access and ownership of information by the individual.

Why did I receive this email?

At some stage, an organisation submitted your information for the purpose of you visiting or mobilising to a remote location.  You have a right to this information and we are informing you of an alternate way to access it.

Why should I purchase this report?

Bright is working towards improving transparency and services to individuals working in the resources and construction sector.

What is the process?
  1. Click here to create an account.
  2. Provide ID.
  3. We will send you a notification when your report is ready to be downloaded
What ID do I have to provide and why do I need to be identified?

To ensure your details remain secure, we require identification to ensure we release personal information to the correct person.

This involves:

  • Uploading ID documentation (e.g Driver’s Licence)
  • Uploading a photograph of yourself for identity purposes
  • Providing details of your current and previous addresses
What is in the Enable ERMS report?

The report may contain information such as your personal details, emergency contacts, qualifications, licences and project history. It may be highly detailed or very brief, depending on the purpose for which the information was entered into Enable ERMS. We do not warrant what is in your report.

Refund policy

You are required to pay for your report upfront, however if we cannot match you to a profile we hold, we will refund your feeWe do not provide refunds on the basis that the information supplied in the report is brief or inaccurate.

Who can access my Enable ERMS report in Cited?

When you create an account in Cited and prove your identity, we move the information from Enable ERMS into Cited for your access alone. What you do with your information in Cited is in your control.

How long will it take?

The wait time is approximately one week – this could vary if we experience high demand. We will notify you via email that your report is ready to be downloaded.

The information in the report is incorrect. Can I update the information in the report?

We will be delivering features in December to allow you to update and edit your information. When these, and other features are released, we will notify you directly.

Can I have my information removed?

You can, however, we strongly recommend you don’t, at least not yet anyway.

We are working on reducing the effort for individuals in proving they meet industry or organisational standards and will be rolling out further services for individuals in December 2018 and in March 2019.  There are NO CHARGES for these changes.

If you do not wish to wait for these changes, and still want your information removed, you will need to contact Bright directly.  Contact support@enablecentral.com.au.

More questions?

You can contact Cited support on 08 6466 3194