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Workforce compliance and onboarding in Construction

The Construction sector is broad, highly regulated and served by a skilled and mobile workforce.

We have worked within this sector for many years and understand the various jurisdictional requirements. Workers and organisations in this industry benefit from Cited’s portable profiles and verification. Once a worker has created a profile and had information verified, they can give consent for any organisation to access it, thereby significantly reducing the cost of recruitment, onboarding and mobilisation.

Our unique mobile QR code functionality also means Supervisors can undertake compliance spot checks to ensure workers are safe in high risk environments.

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Popular Background Checks

  • Asbestos Removal Service
  • NSW Contractor checks
  • High Risk Work Licence (HRWL)
  • Police Checks
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Identity checks

Recommended Licences & Documents

  • Site procedures
  • ATO Tax File Number forms
  • Site Conditions Agreement

Compliance Monitoring

  • HRWL validity
  • Licences validity
  • Induction renewals

Cited works across all industries.

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