Looking under the hood: 5 unique technology features that make Cited the compliance platform of choice

As every motoring enthusiast will tell you, it’s what’s under the hood that counts. No matter how flashy the car looks or how persuasive the salesperson may be, the real value lies hidden in the engine.

In this article, we take a look at Cited’s behind-the-scenes technology features that provide the horsepower needed to drive seamless compliance management, a great user experience, custom reporting, data security and configurability.

1. The compliance engine

For Cited Product Manager, Mick Sheehy, the most exciting tech feature at Cited is the compliance engine.

“Monitored compliance means tracking and reporting on compliance is fast because a person’s compliance to an organisation’s requirements is calculated ahead of time”, says Mick. “Compliance requirements are defined and maintained separately and then associated with a role. These updates happen in one place and are picked up by all affected roles, so workers are always onboarded with accurate and up-to-date requirements.”

Other benefits of the compliance engine include:

  • Exemption processing and periods of grace allow people time to respond to new compliance requirements without adversely affecting their compliance status.
  • Automated renewals help keep the workforce compliant.
  • An architecture that is scalable to multiple layers of subcontractors.

2. User experience (UX)

Compliance reporting relies on your users entering relevant data as quickly and as accurately as possible. Having a system that is clunky, difficult to use, confusing, or takes too long will inevitably lead to lower completion rates.

Being mobile-first is just one of the ways Cited users are encouraged to respond rapidly. “UX standards and expectations are constantly rising”, says Mick, “which is why Cited works hard to stay ahead of the curve. A great user interface (UI) and an excellent user experience (UX) are paramount to eliciting the right information quickly and accurately.”

3. Custom reporting

Simply collecting data provides little value to an organisation or its customers. The data must be transformed into actionable insights that will ultimately inform better decision-making.

Cited’s customers have access to intuitive custom reports to help make their workforce 100% compliant, 100% of the time. Mick explains the tech behind Cited’s custom reports:

“Cited is built using an event-driven architecture. Every change generates an event that adds to an historical record that can never be altered. The current state is easily determined by simply adding up that accumulated history.

Our customers want in-depth reporting and business intelligence to gain insights about the actions and data in their business. Since our event streams capture everything that ever happened, Cited can build unique views and provide unparalleled insights by looking at that data in ways that would never be possible with traditional and more limited architectures. This capability is future-proof because we can cater for tomorrow’s needs; even if we can’t imagine them today.”

4. Configurability

Changing compliance needs – such as those experienced when Covid vaccine mandates were announced – require an adaptable and configurable platform.

“Configurability means organisations can control their own requirements rather than having to request system changes”, explains Mick. “This saves effort, time and money”.

Organisations can select the requirements they need and control field level validation, validity and reuse of verified items. Requirements can be requested directly from individuals, or monitored and enforced on an ongoing basis.

Cited can configure real-world credentials that are specific to organisations and set up verification services as new sources of truth (databases) are made available.

5. Data security

Workforce compliance can only be trusted if the underlying data is trustworthy. Data security not only protects users’ information, but maintains the integrity of the raw data to guarantee accuracy and mitigate compliance risk.

“Cited’s ISO27001 certification confirms our organisation has complied with stringent requirements for protecting its information assets”, says Mick. “This is critical to our business because we handle large amounts of private and confidential information for our candidates.”

To gain this certification, Cited underwent a process where various policies and procedures were identified, prepared, disseminated to staff, and the underlying practices embedded in our business. We collected evidence of compliance with the policies and procedures, and where needed, we undertook improvement initiatives.

Cited holds accreditation with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to provide National Police Checks. We are also accredited with the Department of Home Affairs as a Gateway Service Provider for their Document Verification Service.

Both accreditations mean we are audited at least annually by the respective government agencies.

Upcoming tech features

Some of the exciting tech features in the pipeline at Cited include:

  • Self-service model for individual users. We’ll give the individual worker even more control over their data and give them real-time feedback about their current and future compliance status across every role and all organisations they deal with. This will make it easier for employers since they won’t need to chase people for updated information.
  • Configurable grace periods and an intuitive update wizard for organisations using Cited.
  • Check-in/visitor management: enabling individuals to provide proof of location-based requirements using QR codes and/or facial recognition.

What to look for when choosing a compliance platform

In summary, look for a compliance platform with the ability to maintain accurate and up-to-date requirements, a seamless and intuitive user-experience (UX), custom reporting capability, high levels of configurability to avoid the need to request changes through an IT team, and (importantly), data security.

Get in touch with Cited to discuss your organisation’s compliance needs.