Optimising your compliance solution

There are many compliance platforms on the market that promise to
simplify compliance and onboarding. But how effective are they for your
business? We’re going to compare the Cited Workforce Compliance platform
with most other platforms, highlighting some of the less obvious similarities
and differences.

Let’s look at the most important outcomes you should expect from a
mature workforce compliance solution and see how Cited stacks up – The
results may surprise you:

Your Single Source of Truth

An effective workforce compliance platform compares your workers’ credentials against your compliance requirements to assess your current or future compliance status. This means that the quality and reliability of your compliance solution depends on:
Making it simple for workers or their managers to supply up to date credentials documents,
Verifying this information rapidly, and
Making it simple for workers or their managers to supply up to date credentials documents,
Cited updates all of this information in one place in real-time to create a centralised single source of truth for your business
View your compliance
It’s not enough to know your compliance status today. When operating in a regulated industry, you may need to inspect the state of your compliance at any time in the past.

To do that, your system must be able to play back all the changes that have ever been made to your requirements, documents, credentials and verifications.

Cited stores every change event so you can inspect the historic state of your requirements and your compliance status at any time in the past. This capability may save you in the event of an audit or investigation.
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Easily map complex
compliance rules
The compliance requirements of complex projects and real-world operating environments often depend on region, site, project, and role-based factors.

Cited was designed to convert even the most complex overlapping compliance frameworks into simple sets of requirements. These requirements can be easily edited through your dashboard, without the need for complex programming or system changes.

Importantly, the management of these requirements is separate from the administration of documents. This separation of concerns is important in a compliance environment so that requirements changes are controlled, and document collection is simple for your end users.
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Control the verification

All compliance systems rely on the collection of documents for credentials, identity, declarations, or forms. Some of these documents should be formally
verified by a third party or authoritative source. Other documents, such as internal declarations, may only need to be collected in a secure manner.

Cited collects and stores all document types and allows you to choose which of these documents you need to verify or authenticate. To support your internal or onboarding processes, you also have the option of
collecting internal forms, signed contracts, or other items that are specific to your organisation.<br><br>

When you require official verification, it’s good to know that Cited is backed by a dedicated screening and verification company with over 16 years of expertise in verification services. Through Cited you can obtain checks and verifications for National Police Checks, work entitlement, medicals, qualifications, licences, and more.

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Empower your
distributed workforce
For a compliance system to be truly effective, it needs to:
  • Encourage your workers to actively supply credentials, of their own accord
  • Offer a simple user interface to your workers
  • Be available for use even when offline
  • Alert your workforce of new requirements and documents that are nearing expiry
The OnCite mobile app links gives your distributed staff control over their Cited profile and their records on the Cited platform.

With OnCite, your workers can upload and share their credentials with wherever they are through a simple user interface that makes supplying credentials easy and offers push notifications to ensure alerts in real-time.

Alerts are pushed out through the app to prompt workers for updates so that they can meet their compliance requirements as documents expire or your requirements change.
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Know your contractors
and their workforce

Compliance requirements apply to every worker on every site. This includes:

  • Your direct employees
  • Workers from contracted organisations, and
  • The contractor organisation itself

The Cited platform gives you the confidence that every type of worker and organisation that engages with your organisation is verified. Cited makes it simple to publish your compliance requirements to each of your contractors
or other third parties.

Credentials are collected from each worker to achieve full visibility of the compliance status across your entire workforce include direct and contractor workers.

Cited’s distributed credentials collection takes the burden of document collection and credentials reporting of your business and your contractors.

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Onboarding workflow

Your onboarding processes help to ensure that new workers achieve compliance as quickly as possible. A compliance solution that can support and conform to your onboarding processes boosts productivity and compliance coverage.

The Cited platform can be configured easily to onboard your staff and contractors with detailed onboarding workflows that can include medicals, training, and other location-based requirements.

This flexible approach to inducting new staff offers a smoother and faster onboarding process for both you and your candidate.

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While most compliance platforms seem similar at first, a detailed analysis reveals that Cited offers you additional features and more effective workforce compliance management than competing platforms:

Single Source of Truth
Variable coverage
Digital Passport App
Background Screening
Verification Services
Some coverage
Contractor Workforce
Onboarding Workflow

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Cited was designed from the outset to make compliance and worker management simple across multiple locations or work sites.

Cited has a rich API (programming interface) that you can use to connect to any of your existing systems. 

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