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About us

Cited is part of the Bright People Technologies business and was an idea that grew from trying to solve a problem that existed across a whole industry. 

We created our new product Cited out of the desire to empower individuals to make use of their valuable work experience and skills and after seeing the same people have the same credentials checked over and over again whenever they changed job. We wanted to offer a better way for individuals to re-use all that valuable checking so that employers were able to rely on checks done previously. After all people are mobile so why aren’t their records?

Out of all that we created Cited. Sure, you can do police checks in Cited but we wanted to make it more powerful by putting the individual at the centre and giving them full control of all their information. The power of that for organisations means they get to re-use trusted information without having to have it checked every time.   

Our clients range from some of the worlds most sophisticated mining companies through to community organisations servicing the most vulnerable.

Our support team are always getting a great rap from Cited users. That is why we are different. We believe in supporting everone who uses Cited.

Proof at Work for Individuals and Businesses

We've been onboarding and verifying workforces since 1997

Fast, affordable and easy to use

I can get on with my real job

I have reduced 3 processes, manual forms and endless chasing people for information to a single webform in Cited.

Given the amount of time it has saved me, I cannot believe the price and value.
Deb M.
Very quick process and easy to get help when needed.

It took less time than any I've used previously and I could do it all from home which was convenient.
I would recommend the service to any one in need of a police check, it's fast, affordable & easy to follow instructions.

The layout is self explanatory & did not take a long time to do.
This took one day, amazing service, fast and affordable for my employer.

Easy to use and a logical format with sequencing so that you get to the result and can chat if there are any changes or more information required.