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How this works for job seekers

Welcome to the Territory Jobs Hub, (powered by Cited) a place where employers can directly connect to job seekers without the delay and hassle of posting jobs.

Your job is easy. Create an Account, create your profile, upload your CV and then sit back and wait for employers to contact you. 

HINT: To make yourself attractive to Employers, make sure you provide good and detailed information in your profile – not just your CV.

Step 1. Create Your Account

Create & Activate your Account (Your activation code will be sent to the email you use when you create your account)

Step 2. Complete Your Profile

Complete your profile by completing each field.

Field 1 Job Titles

Enter as many titles as you think applies to you.

Field 2 Upload your CV 

PDF, jpg, png formats only. No word documents ie .docx as they are a security risk.

If you take a photo of your cv make sure the whole thing is in the one file you upload.

Field 3 Add Industries

 Enter as many titles as you think applies to you.

Field 4 Add Location

 Add your NT Postcode

Click Done. You are finished.

Businesses can now see your profile and make contact.