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Smarter contractor management and supplier onboarding and compliance

Contractor Management Compliance & Onboarding

Third party suppliers, vendors and organisations can bring a new dimension of risk to your operations. Cited gives you access to stronger compliance, lower business risks and greater peace of mind.
  • Do your suppliers hold their employees to the same high professional standards as you? 
  • Are they a risk to your business if they are not?

Onboard your contractors efficiently and enhance your compliance with the Cited Contractor Management Module. With our contractor management checklist, you’ll be able to systemise your vendor onboarding, induction and screening process, while significantly reducing your costs at the same time.

Cited Contractor Management is networked so your Vendors can interface with multiple Clients concurrently, making compliance and mobilisation quicker and easier.

FIFO Operations

FIFO operations pose additional challenges for contractor management. Cited supports end to end mobilisation, flights, accommodation admin, and logistics management.

Simpler, faster, and more cost-effective vendor and contractor workforce management

Fast & Easy Setup

Confirm your requirements for working with third party businesses to streamline the way you manage their records for easy reference on demand. Request access to:

Effortless Self Service

Allow your suppliers, vendors and other third-party businesses to share their records with your organisation easily online through their own portal. This includes:

Managed at a glance

Track the progress of businesses supplying your documents and review who in their business has the checks and clearances you need to see for compliance.

Customised to your needs

The process to set up  your system for compliance could not be easier. 

Use any combination of existing Cited checks (ie. National Police Checks, Electrical Licences) along with your specific forms (i.e. Policies, Procedures, Agreements) for suppliers to access and complete online. 

Self-service portal

Share your portal with the third-party organisations that you work with. This allows them (and their staff) to create an account and provide the relevant documents needed for your specific compliance requirements. 

Our live chat support team can be connected with these people if they ever need technical support to complete and submit the information that you request. It’s never been easier!

Monitor progress online

Want to know if a specific company or individual is on track to provide you the necessary information?  Login to Cited and see how far they have progressed in meeting your requirements.

  • Real time progress tracking
  • Monitor Supplier and/or Individual progress
  • Automated reminders generated for incomplete requests

Effortless compliance

The ability to check any company or individual’s compliance with your standards is at your fingertips with our Compliance Matrix. 

In addition, all parties are notified of expiring requirements.  The Contractor or their staff member can login and update their information.

When risk is high, verify.

Sometimes you need to do more than take organisations or individuals at face value.  Our Verification Team verify 1000’s of people and companies a week.

  • ACIC/DVS accredited (Criminal/Identity)
  • Financial checks (People and Business)
  • Background checks
  • You pay or they pay, flexible payment options

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