Contractor & Tradesperson Licence Checks (NSW)

Contractor & Tradesperson Licence Checks (NSW)

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About Contractor & Tradesperson Licence Check (NSW)

Conducting your New South Wales Contractor & Tradesperson Licence check through Cited gives you and your employer the confidence that your Contractor & Tradesperson Licence is current. Cited has direct contact with relevant licensing bodies across Australia and can provide information on the validity and currency of your licence.

What’s more, we’ll automatically send you renewal notifications, helping you ensure your credentials stay up to date.

Cited’s NSW Contractor & Tradesperson Licence check includes a 100-point Identity Check, which gives your employer added assurance that your identity has been confirmed.

Simply provide evidence of your New South Wales contractor/tradespersons licence and Cited will verify its validity with the issuer of the award.

If you have not completed a 100-point identity check with us before, you will need to complete this process by providing documents and a ‘selfie’.

Tips: Preferred documents include an Australian or International Passport and Australian Driver Licence.

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Only $33 inc. GST

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Convenient and very prompt result! Awesome customer service, easy to navigate, I would highly recommend this to anyone needing police check, the result was very quick and payment was via employer set up
Noel M.
North Queensland

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